Many people want to participate in the potential gains that the markets can provide, but quickly realise that their lack of knowledge can lead to serious losses.
What if we simply share in the knowledge of professional traders to anticipate the market and make our trading successful from the start?

This is what we offer with our accounts and portfolios. Copy or emulate the successful trading of professionals on an account of normal people.

And how is this different from traditional social trading?

The main difference is that our social trading will SELECT the Portfolios to be offered to ensure quality criteria.
We will only provide professional performance for professional results.
It does not mean that each of the Portfolios will have the same personality and risk profile. They will all be different.

Our social trading will provide complete information on the status, risk and profitability of each of the Portfolios. Both in historical and real time.

Even if the techniques associated with some of the Portfolios can be extremely sophisticated, the performance analysis must be simple so that our clients can understand it well.

The professional investor will also be happy to participate in our Portfolios, as they provide a very powerful tool for diversification.

You can deposit, partially withdraw, cancel the account, etc., at any time without any restrictions whatsoever.

Fully transparent operation with up-to-date results.

Total confidentiality at all times.

You control your account in real time with your own trading platform on your computer.