The mobile/tablet platform allows our clients to trade from any mobile device simply using WIFI or standard connection.

The system has been developed to maximise the trader experience on any screen no matter how small, without the complexity of a native application.

It supports Ipad, Iphone, Windows phone and Android devices.

Each customer will be able to set or modify positions simply using their mobile phone or tablet.

Have you ever been away from home or the office, either for a short or long period of time, you don’t have access to any computer or laptop and you realise that in 10 minutes some events are coming up and you don’t want to lose those pips?

You would miss that opportunity because there is no way you can access your trading account.

Pretty frustrating, isn’t it?

But thanks to Mobile Trader this won’t happen anymore.
Wherever you are: with your friends, at a meeting, with your family …

Just pick up your mobile or tablet. Your account will be there for you to place orders, modify, close, etc.

Whatever you want !!!

You can deposit, partially withdraw, cancel the account, etc., at any time without any restrictions whatsoever.

Fully transparent operation with up-to-date results.

Total confidentiality at all times.

You control your account in real time with your own trading platform on your computer.