Discover a world of possibilities by investing in a wide range of financial assets such as equities, indices, metals, oil and cryptocurrencies.


Stock Indices measure the temperature of each country's economy by reflecting the performance of stocks in specific sectors, giving a sense of the main trend in Financial Markets. Find Indices of the world's major powers.


Metals are part of the group of commodities, which are tangible elements of global consumption. Through us you can open trades in the main precious metals, among which you can find Gold, Silver, with their value represented in US Dollars and Euros.


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One of the most popular and widely used commodities that is part of the global economy and everyone's daily life. Subject to high volatility and sensitive to global politics, Brent and WTI oil barrels are widely sought after for trading in the financial market. Available on our platform to execute the best market strategies.


Our global financial market stock list allows you to have the share price of the world's most popular companies at a click of a button. You can trade stocks using 1:10 leverage, and create your own stock portfolio.