At Black Moon Trade we are passionate about providing quality services with the best global financial platforms and tools. The implementation of new technologies and a fully customer-focused user experience set us apart and ensure that we are a highly competitive and exceptionally cost-effective alternative for CFD trading.

We have one of the largest ranges of investment options in: AAA equities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, metals and major benchmark indices.

We provide each client with real-time financial information and recommendations based on the insight and analysis of experts in each economic and financial sector.

Sophisticated yet simple live trading applications are the hallmark of Black Moon Trade. We facilitate learning for novice investors and empower experienced traders by innovating every day to create solutions that optimize the profit generation of each person or company that chooses us.

We have a presence in over 30 countries since our inception and every day we have worked to perfect the online experience for retail traders around the world.

As a strong advocate of transparency, we set the highest standards of security for our clients’ funds.